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Sound Booster Pro Active Sound for VW Golf 7 VII GTD

Retrieve exhaust sound in a few hours. Artificial engine sound for impressive sound in the Golf 7 GTD

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Retrieve exhaust sound in a few hours. Artificial engine sound for impressive sound in the Golf 7 GTD

  • KUFATEC Sound Booster Pro upgrades the sound of the existing VW Golf 7 VII GTD Active Sound Generator
  • A powerful V6 / V8 sound (depending on module setting) as a retrofit
  • You can choose between 6 profiles by using the supplied button - we suggest to install this button in the front
  • The control whether the module should act active or passive can be chosen by the driving profile selection. (Button at the center console or by the car menu)
  • Plug & Play Installation

Control and profile settings:

  • you can choose between up to 6 profiles
  • change sound profiles with:
    • the standard integrated push button
    • optional remote control
    • car integrated control possibilities, e.g. cruise control
    • the mobile app "KUFATEC Link"
      • KUFATEC Link is available for free from the Google Play and Apple App Store
  • We recommend installing the button in the front area (eg glove box); but this does not necessarily have to be installed
  • Adaptation of profiles, maps and sound via free software or via the free app "KUFATEC Link"
  • you decide (e.g. via the Drive Select menu) whether the module should act as active or passive
  • "Power-Start" - When the engine is started, the exhaust system wakes up briefly (This function can be switched on or off via the Drive Select in the MMI, the software or the app)

The Sound Booster Pro is suitbale for
the following vehicles:

  • VW Golf 7 VII GTD with "Sport and Sound package", PR.-Nr.: Gm3

Function of the "Kufatec Link" Smartphone App:

  • General diagnostics with CAN packet counter
  • pin protection
  • Incognito mode (the module is completely invisible after the set time)
  • Software Updates Over The Air
  • Factory reset
  • Visualization of the following information
    • engine speed
    • accelerator pedal position
    • actual vehicle speed
  • Sound Booster specific Features
    • Vehicle selection
    • ESM Selection (sound control unit)
    • Comfort profile selector (if supported by the vehicle)
    • Simulation mode (virtual accelerator)
    • Edit sound profiles (RPM, volume, tracing irregular run, Irregular load, gala, accelerator, power start)
    • Activate / deactivate sound profiles

Scope of delivery:

  • Sound Booster Pro (module)
  • Plug & Play wiring set


  • Only suitable for vehicles with active sound generator
  • The installation of a Sound Booster can lead to the expiry of the operating license of your vehicle or to the refusal of a license for your car, according to the current practice of car registration offices. If you have any questions, please contact the responsible licensing authorities.


You can download the KUFATEC application for free on your Android device or on your Apple device


Suitable for:

Make: Volkswagen

Model: Golf 7 - 5Q

Estimated installation time: Under 1 hour

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